A Referral for a Scan

Your Dentist may refer you to us for a CBCT Scan or an OPG X-ray. 

Dental Xray UnitA CBCT Scan is a specialised X-ray test which produces clear 3D pictures of the inside of your body, in this case your mouth.  An OPG is a conventional 2D panoramic or wide view X-ray of the lower face, which displays all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw on a single image.  Our Radiographer Natasha Yeung, will use our dental X-ray system to take your scan or X-ray and send it to your Dentist following your appointment.  Your appointment will take no longer than half an hour.



I was referred to the practice for a scan. The staff were friendly, welcoming and very professional. Bev, the radiographer who carried out the scan, was calm, reassuring and achieved the perfect balance between chattiness and efficiency.

Just needed a scan prior to implant placement but so impressed by overall service. Looking forward to the next stage.