Reduced Price Opportunities for Patients requiring implant treatment

For patients willing to be treated by Course Delegates on selected dates 
£2,500 per implant plus extras if required

We are delighted to be able to offer the next batch of your patients reduced cost implant treatment as part of the® and VSS Academy implant courses. Our course delegates will treat your patients at Devonshire House under the close supervision of Wail Girgis, one of our experienced Specialist Prosthodontists, whilst carrying out all the stages of implant treatment from assessment for suitability to restoration.

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No obligation to proceed with treatment

At your patient's first appointment we will take a ct scan to determine whether they are a suitable candidate for implant treatment which will cost £175. We will discuss with them the extent of their treatment and advise them of the costs. They are not obliged to proceed with treatment and all appointment fees are included in the per implant cost.


  • First appointment - diagnostic dental CT scan £175
  • £2,500 per implant this includes all further appointment fees
  • Mouthwashes, antibiotics and aftercare pack £100
  • Additional fees will be charged if complex procedures are required: bone grafting £350 per site, sinus lift £600 per site

How to benefit from this reduced price:

To benefit from this reduced price, your patients will need to be available to attend appointments on our designated course days at Devonshire House.

Patient criteria:

The ideal patient will have a single missing tooth. However, slightly more complex cases will be considered.

 When referring a patient, please:

  • Clearly mark your referral form with “SmileTube Referral” to ensure that your patient qualifies for the reduced rate.
  • Remind your patient that in order to benefit from the reduced price, they will be required to attend an appointment on one of the pre-set course dates which are on specified Tuesdays and Saturdays from January 2022.

If you would like further information or if you have a patient who is interested in taking up this opportunity, please feel free to call a member of our Reception team on 01223 245266 or refer a patient online.

Refer a patient for reduced cost implant treatment