Take part in the National Smile Month Media Challenge

#RaiseASmile Campaign

A healthy happy smile needs a nutritious balanced diet.                               Back to National Smile Month Page
To celebrate National Smile Month this year, a new social media videochallenge is taking place online.

#RaiseASmile is designed to be a fun, interactive way to spread the message about the importance of a healthy diet for a healthy smile.

Anyone and everyone is being encouraged to join in by making a fun video and challenging a friend to do the same.

How to take part:

Make & upload a snappy video “Raising A Smile” (from frown/neutral face to beaming)
Then add the tag of whoever you are challenging next, on whichever social media channel is your favourite – or all of them!
“I challenge ..(Tag) .. to #RaiseASmile and click to sign for change.”

You could Raise A Smile anywhere and in any way.

Examples of moving upwards and ending up with a beaming Smile include:

  • ....raising a teacup or pint, lifting your head up, going up stairs, sitting to standing, holding a balloon, flying a toy aeroplane…
  • For those more adventurous: jumping on a trampoline, riding on a rollercoaster, sitting on a swing, climbing a climbing wall
  • ....raising a flag on a flagpole, a box on a forklift truck, flying a kite…

And if you're feeling shy you don't have to make a personal appearance, simply use an object or image.

View the promo video for inspiration:

#RaiseASmile Campaign

A healthy happy smile needs a nutritious balanced diet.