Frequently Asked Year Course Questions -Course 2017-18

New for this year: option to have a patient supplied by Devonshire House or you to supply your own

Does the course meet the GDC requirements?

The Foundation Implant Year Course meets the GDC's requirements for training standards in implant dentistry and is designed entirely around the GDC regulations. Post course mentoring is highly recommended in order to continue your implant learning and gain further clinical experience under the guidance of our Specialists before placing implants at your own practice.

What are the Foundation Course entry requirements?

You will need to have:

  • a degree in dental surgery
  • full GDC Registration
  • appropriate indemnity cover
  • a current DBS check
  • Hep B immunity

Why should I choose this course?

The course strictly follows the GDC approved syllabus and meets all of the GDC's requirments for training in dental implantology in the UK. It is being taught by Specialist Prosthodontists who have many years of lecturing and mentoring experience. The course has a high focus on clinical content, is very hands-on and has small teaching groups.

The option of Devonshire House supplying a patient relieves the burden of you having to source a patient who is willing to travel to Cambridge on specific dates. We can also ensure that the patient we supply is a simple implant case suitable for beginners. There are no exams during or at the end of the course.

What is required to achieve the completion certification?

To receive certification of completion, you will need to have completed all of the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. Theory is provided by way of lectures and seminars.

I already provide implant treatment but need to satisfy the new GDC requirements. Is this course for me?

This foundation course is suitable for both beginners and dentists who already have some previous experience of implantology. The course will allow you to update your knowledge and satisfy the new GDC regulations which apply to experienced implantologists.

Will I receive one-on-one training?

The provision of one-to-one surgical training is an essential and central component of the Foundation Course. Further mentoring is also highly recommended after the course to continue your implant learning and before embarking on implant placement at your own practice.

Is Nurse training included?

The course cost includes training for one nurse. Nurses receive a full days theoretical and practical training and are encouraged to attend all 3 clinical days.

Does the course supply patients for us to treat?

We are now able to supply you with a patient for the course. Alternatively, you can supply your own patient following patient selection guidance from our Prosthodontists. The GDC states that dentists training in dental implantology must demonstrate that they are competent in the full process of dental implant treatment: patient assessment, treatment planning, surgery, prosthetics and the long term maintenance plan. 

If I supply a patient, how many times do they need to attend the course?

The aim is to minimise patient disruption, therefore, your patient will only need to accompany you three times throughout the course: once for implant placement, once for clinical impressions and lastly for placement of the final restoration. In some cases invloving second stage surgery, a fourth visit will be required. If you are supplying a patient, the initial assessment will be done at your own practice and presented at one of the treatment planning sessions within the course schedule.

Does the course count as Verifiable CPD?

The Foundation Course provides 80 hours of verifiable CPD.

What will I be able to do on completion of the courses?

Upon completion of the course you will have been trained to a standard and level that will enable you to have the knowledge to confidently plan straight forward implant cases for your own patients in accordance with the GDC regulations for implantology in the UK. You will have the treatment planning skills to enable you to identify advanced and potentially complex cases. We highly recommend that you continue your implant learning with the Devonshire House mentoring programme to gain more clinical experience under guidance before placing implants at your own practice.

What if I cannot make some of the course dates?

If you cannot make a date, due to illness, please let us know. We have chosen the course dates so that they do not coincide with major holiday dates or school holidays.

Can I pay the course fees in instalments?

We require an initial deposit of £1,000 followed by the final balance of £5,500 which can be paid interest free over 5 months.

Are there any extra costs?

There are only additional costs if you supply your own patient. These are:

  • implant components
  • lab bills

At the beginning of the course, you will have the opportunity to set up an account with Nobel Biocare so that any implant components used throughout the course can be billed directly to you.  Alternatively, we are happy to order your implant requirements on your behalf and invoice you accordingly.

We have our own Dental Lab and in agreement with our course terms and conditions, ask that all all of your lab requirements are undertaken by us to ensure we meet the expected quality and time scales needed for the course. You will be invoiced separately from the lab for this work.

If I supply a patient do they pay surgical fees to be treated on the course?

If you are supplying a patient, you are free to charge your patient whatever you feel is acceptable in order to cover your implant component costs and laboratory fees.

Can you accommodate dietary requirements?

When booking please inform us of any dietary requirements or food allergies so that we can cater for your individual needs.

How can I find out more information?

For more information, you can email Sally Nicholas, Course Co-ordinator  on or call us on 01223 402612.

How can I register a place on the course?

You can book a place online or by contacting our Course Co-ordinator using the details above. Book Online