Devonshire House Hygienists

Our Dental Hygienists are qualified in the prevention and maintenance of oral disease. Each patient’s oral condition is unique and our team assist in developing a personal care plan. Our Hygienists scale and polish patients' teeth and work alongside Periodontist Puneet Patel, to treat more advanced gum problems.

The Hygienists monitor and care for orthodontic patients, especially adults and offer advice on essential cleaning routines. Our Hygiene Team also apply fissure sealants where necessary and carry out tooth stain removal treatment and tooth whitening.

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I have frequented Devonshire House for many years. The dentists, hygienists are excellent. Very good hygiene in these difficult times. I have never had any pain at all and have had many procedures! 100% recommend!

Outstanding. I’m a dentist myself. I have worked in Sydney Australia and been a patient in Seattle USA. Nowhere like this place. The airflow machine is the most comfortable scale I have had in my life and I have recession ie: can be very sensitive. COVID safety and security above and beyond. A true little gem of a practice.

Although "only" a hygienist visit , it was VERY thorough (but painless) , inspection and cleaning, (and good value) Left a very GOOD CLEAN SENSATION in the mouth

  Hygienists Qualifications GDC No.
Issy Isobel Wardle  (Hygiene Manager) RDH (London) 5728
Diana Diana Phipps  (Senior Hygienist) RDH RAF IDHT (Halton) 1448
Sue Sue Lee RDH (London) 5658
Becky Rebecca Morgan RDH RDT (London) 109827
Vicky Victoria Howlings RDH RDT (London) 127083
Yaz Yasmin Peachey RDH (London) 2769
 Leanne Leanne Smith  RDH (Newcastle) 6696