Current Courses

Date Course Overview CPD
18 Sep 2019

A Pro Arch course for laboratory technicians demonstrating the pre-operative, post-operative and technical processes in producing a Pro Arch bridge.

7 hours Full Details
17 - 18 Sep 2019

Introducing the Pro Arch concept from start to fitting of a provisional prosthesis on the same day including all lab stages.

This course is now full.

16 hours Full Details
18 Jun 2019

A course for dental nurses to become confident in assisting in implant treatment.

This course is now fully booked. Our next course is on 15th October.

7 hours Full Details
22 May 2019

Successfully coach your patients to be confident in implant aftercare

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5 hours Full Details
19 Mar 2019

A course for dental nurses to become confident in assisting in implant treatment.

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7 hours Full Details
04 Mar 2019

Join our Specialist Endodontists for an informal evening to discuss your Endodontic cases.

2 hours Full Details
10 Oct 2018

A lecture related to radiation protection issues on the use of cone beam CT units. This lecture will certify dentists to refer patients for CBCT Scans for the next five years

2 hours Full Details
25 Apr 2018

A lecture to certify dentists to report on their own patient’s images in an approved manner



2 hours Full Details
09 Mar 2017

Following the launch of her recent book, Dr Milisha Chotai shares with us with the key features of great communication in order to build relationships and retain patients.

A CPD evening open to all dental staff

1 hour Full Details
05 - 19 Nov 2016

A practical course in the clinical aspects of splint fabrication and delivery taking place over 3 consecutive Saturday mornings


9 hours Full Details
16 Sep 2016 - 30 Jun 2017

For dentists new to implantology, or those who require a refresher course

80 hours Full Details
01 Mar 2016

Treatment planning for the restoration of the anterior dentition, factors governing the restorability of teeth and the clinical steps needed to achieve a high degree of predictability

A CPD Evening with visiting International Speaker Rishi Patel - A Specialist in Prosthodontics and Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute

2 hours Full Details
25 Feb 2016

A Study Club exploring the management of the periodontal patient - initial assessment and the benefit of referring for specialist care and advanced treatment

An informal talk for Dentists, Hygienists and Therapists by Devonshire House Specialist Periodontist, Puneet Patel

2 hours Full Details
06 Feb 2016

This hand-on course demonstrates the tips and tricks needed to ensure predictable, highly aesthetic composite restorations

7 hours Full Details
10 Dec 2015

Bring your cases for treatment planning and discussion

Hosted by Devonshire House Specialist Prosthodontist Wail Girgis

2 hrs Full Details
08 Dec 2015

Understand the fundamentals of digital SLR photography and the equipment required

Hosted by Devonshire House Specialist Prosthodontist Nick Williams

2hrs Full Details
23 Nov 2015

Develop practical treatment options for your tricky cases

Hosted by Devonshire House Specialist Prosthodontist Julian Martin

2 hrs Full Details
17 Nov 2015

The ideal materials of choice and techniques, illustrated with a broad mix of cases

Hosted by Devonshire House Specialist Prosthodontist Nick Williams

2 hrs Full Details
02 Oct 2015 - 21 May 2016

For dentists who have mastered the basics in implantology

40 hours Full Details
14 May 2015

A look at cases where implants have gone wrong and the options available for rescues, remedies or removal

2hrs Full Details