Certification Lecture for CBCT Referrers

This event is now over and took place on 18:30 Wed 10 Oct 2018

We have invited a Radiation Protection Adviser (Stephen Green), to provide a two hour lecture related to radiation protection issues on the use of cone beam CT units. This can be used to partly fulfil your 5 yearly recertification cycle ‘highly recommended’ requirement in radiation protection and radiography, and will also help certify you to refer patients for CBCT scans in accordance with the curriculum standards in appendix B of the HPA-CRCE-010 guidance document on the safe use of dental cone beam CT equipment.

Radiation Protection and the Use of CBCT Units

Aims and Objectives:

  • To outline the physical underpinning principles of radiation dose & biological effects with reference to the use of cone beam ct units.
  • For delegates to appreciate radiation protection principles applied to the use of a cone beam ct unit in a dental practice, in a legal, practical and applied context.
  • Outline the factors that affect doses received by patients and staff in a dental practice during cone beam ct imaging.
  • Outline the main legal duties and responsibilities placed on GDP’s and other practice staff undertaking cone beam ct imaging - with reference to current legislation (i.e. IRR99, and IR(ME)R 2000).
  • Outline current radiological imaging ‘selection criteria’ with a view to instituting ‘best practice’ radiological cone beam ct techniques within a dental practice.

Where and When

  • Devonshire House Dental Practice
  • Lecture by Radiation Protection Adviser Stephen Green
  • Wednesday 10th October 2018 from 6.30pm - 8.30pm
  • 2 hours of verifiable CPD
  • £95