GXDP-800 Dental X-ray System at Devonshire House

We are delighted to offer you a CBCT scanning service using our Gendex GXDP-800 system.

Our new X-ray system offers:

  • Greater field of view options
  • Dose reduction technology allows a 3D scan with the dose of an OPG
  • Scatter reduction technology reduces artefacts from metal objects in 3D
  • Dedicated 3D endo mode

CT Scanner

We can provide CBCT scans from as small as a 50mm by 50mm sectional scan through to a full upper and lower jaw in a variety of resolutions.  All the available options are detailed on our referral form.

We will be happy to arrange a scan for your patient, by appointment, at their convenience.  The fee is payable by your patient at their appointment unless you instruct us otherwise.

Your patient will be charged £100 for a scan if you are reporting on it yourself, £175 if you have requested a scan and single jaw report or £200 for a scan and double jaw report. A separate scan of the radiographic stent can be included if required. The scans are compatible with SimPlant™ and NobelGuide™.

The scan data can be exported and viewed using InVivoDental software or as raw DICOM files formatted for SimPlant™ and NobelGuide™.

Referring for a CT Scan for the first time

Already an existing CT Scan Referrer