GXCB500 Cone Beam Scanner unit at Devonshire House

We are delighted to offer you a CT scanning service using our Gendex GXCB500 Cone Beam Scanner unit at Devonshire House

Our service

CT Scanner

It is possible to obtain a Cone Beam CT scan of a single jaw for implant planning. It is also possible to obtain higher resolution scans for Periodontal or Endodontic assessment.

We will be happy to arrange a scan for your patient, by appointment, at their convenience and they will be asked to pay for their scan at their appointment unless you instruct us otherwise.

Your patient will be charged £100 for a scan if you are reporting on it yourself, £170 if you have requested a scan and single jaw report or £195 for a scan and double jaw report. A separate scan of the radiographic stent can be included if required. The scans are compatible with SimPlant™ and NobelGuide™.

The scan data can be exported in to our i-CAT viewer software or as raw DICOM files formatted for SimPlant™ and NobelGuide™.

Referring for a CT Scan for the first time

Already an existing CT Scan Referrer